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PhysioRx Academy CPD UK is the training & education wing of the PhysioRx Ltd, registered company in England & Wales.


CPD is an acronym for Continuing (or Continuous) Professional Development. It can be broadly characterized as any kind of learning you do to expand your knowledge, understanding, and experiences of a field or profession.

CPD is a slogan for continuous and planned learning and development. Although it may include a formal procedure of recording it (via online training, reflection from training, supervision, submission of projects, etc) and it mostly focuses on what you learn and how you progress.

You can continuously control your own growth with the aid of the CPD procedure. You can use it to make notes, go over them, and think about what you've learned. It's not a check-box form that certifies your training completion. It goes beyond that.

Five Standards of CPD

When renewing your registration with the HCPC, you must certify that you have met and will continue to satisfy their CPD guidelines.

  • Keep an ongoing, current, and accurate record of your CPD activities.
  • Show that your CPD includes a variety of learning opportunities that are relevant to your current or future clinical practice.
  • Make an effort to confirm that your CPD has improved the standard of your work and the services you provide.
  • Attempt to make sure that your CPD assists the patients or service users.
  • When asked, provide a written portfolio that includes your CPD documentation.

Retaining your CPD Records

CPD is a crucial career investment for us, and it is even more crucial if we want to set an example for others in terms of the dedication to learning and growth that we demand of them. The Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) strongly advises taking CPD and keeping an accurate record of it in order to get and keep membership. To learn more, please visit the link below.

All HCPC qualified physiotherapists must make sure that continuing CPD is maintained since it is a mandatory requirement of the Health and Care Professions Council's (HCPC) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) | (hcpc-uk.org) (HCPC) registration.

All members are required to keep an up-to-date record of their CPD activities in a portfolio. An structured CPD portfolio will come in handy if you are chosen to submit a CPD profile for audit.


Every time an HCPC physiotherapy registrant renews their registration, 2.5% of registrants are randomly chosen to submit a profile of their CPD for audit.